Horoscop 7 7 december

People born on this date are interested in a holistic approach to health. They are often well read in Eastern practices.

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Because they understand the value of dispelling toxins, they can benefit from a weekly juice fast. These folks have a great many talents, and they generally gravitate toward work in the arts or, if they explore their psychic abilities, as astrologers, palmists, and tarot-card readers. Because they feel that to do something strictly for money is unethical, finances are tricky. Continual use of their remarkable talents to the spiritual betterment of themselves and others is the goal of December 7 people.

They have the ability to reach the highest levels of spiritual understanding.

December 7 Birthday Horoscope

Because they can make a difference in the lives of those closest to them, they take their relationships with utmost seriousness. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. December 28 Birthday Astrology. December 25 Birthday Astrology. December 7 Birthday Astrology. Consider -- what do you want to accomplish?

Your Daily Horoscope For December 7, 2018

Don't be selfish in your efforts, either: This period is all about broad strokes that benefit everyone. It's perfectly appropriate to enjoy your luck, but don't build on it. Instead, build on genuine drive and effort.

Pesti -- Horoscop 7 - 22 decembrie 2018

Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:. Energy is coursing through you. It's having some odd effects. Maybe you feel uneasy. Maybe you're actually tough-minded and hardheaded. Perhaps you desire a conquest. Your sporty good looks don't make you a good sport today. Lighten up to make it through this passionate and uncomfortable period.

The way you see things is just one view among many. Soon you may find your urgent agenda isn't as important as you thought.

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Good thing you don't need to impose your viewpoint on the world right now. Today is not good for making an impression, but it's likely you're very impressionable. You're as curious as ever, but more accepting than usual. Just try not to be completely gullible. There are people out there who might think like enemies, and you still need to show your superiors you can't be fooled. But when no one's looking, there's nothing wrong with indulging in a little wide-eyed wonderment.

The world's an incredible place, after all. Get ready for an uncomfortable mood, or several of them today. Life may feel like a roller coaster. Whatever you do, don't make any hasty decisions. You're operating under some very tricky energy at the moment, and you're reacting to life emotionally instead of rationally.

Any moves you make today could turn out to be the wrong ones, so just sit tight. It's better than acting rashly and then regretting it later. Focus on what's best rather than what's fastest or what will create the biggest impression. You're naturally courageous, but for today, it's even easier to access that part of your character.

December 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

For one thing, you know you're blessed: Your energy is high, you're in a great mood, and the laws of the land and nature are on your side. Now you can draw on your experience to shape what happens next -- and that will be whatever you want it to be. You're in charge, because you're thinking so positively. This mood is like gold. Keep it going by spreading it around and trusting in its simple goodness.

You're a bit impressionable now.

You're too quick to accept or reject what you're told to. It's unsettling if you think about it, and you should definitely do some thinking here. Hold yourself back today, so you don't upset a delicate balance by charging ahead with cocky ignorance. The world is a lot more complicated than you'd like to believe. Don't trust anyone who tells you independent thinking is a waste of time. If you can get a look at the hand they're about to play, you'll see exactly who benefits from this round.

Somehow you're lighter than air, free, spontaneous and rising.

December 7 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the dreamer

Don't you just love that floating feeling? You're buoyant even on dry land. Access to privileged places could be yours today. Knowledge is forever, and love can last even longer than that. Try to keep all this in perspective, though.

For instance, be more tactful around the have-nots. You don't want to rub their noses in what's missing from their lives. If you can't share, at least don't show off. And anyway, wouldn't it be better to have this kind of fun in private? Instead of getting mixed up in the drama and hubbub of the moment, seek peace and quiet today.